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Becky Chong

Degree: Double B.A. Drama & Communications
Location: New York
Willing to travel

Height: 5'3"


A Doll's House                                    Kristine Linde                              Arden Theatre

Punk Grandpa                                    Laura Force                                 New York Frigid Festival

Romeo & Juliet                                   Benvolia                                       Falconworks New York       

Uncle Sam's Satiric Spectacular      Minstrel Show/Management    Actors Theatre of Louisville
The Miser
                                            House Servant                            Actors Theatre of Louisville
Caucasian Chalk Circle                     Militia/Munk/Irakli                      Actors Theatre of Louisville
Terms of the Agreement                  Bethany                                       Actors Theatre of Louisville
Saving Face                                        Grace                                            Actors Theatre of Louisville

Black Day                                            Becky                                            Actors Theatre of Louisville

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  Edna McCarthy                           Seattle Public Theater

A Dream Play                                     Agnes                                           Actors Theatre of Louisville

As You Like It                                      Celia                                             Work-It Productions

Tartuffe                                               Cleante                                         Ghostlight Theatricals

Within the Silence                             Alice Bennally                              Living Voices

Native Vision                                      Emi Yamoto                                 Living Voices

Some Dead Bodies                           Lena                                              Ugly Rhino Productions

Film & TV




Conversational Korean


Basic Piano

Tae Kwon Do

Ping Pong, Tennis, Badminton

Licensed Driver

Licensed Aesthetician

Roller Skating, Basic Ice Skating


PokerFace                                            Jen                                                Dir Rian Johnson with MRC Studio on Peacock Television Network

Brooklyn Film Festival Promo          Katie                                             Brooklyn Film Festival

Shoelaces                                            Jane                                              Evening Squire Productions

faithLES                                               Faith                                             Little White Bird Productions

Mani-Pedi                                           Sue Kim                                        Muse Source/Best Short Comedy in The People and Manhattan Festival 
Be Invisible                                         O                                                   Evening Squire Productions

Toys for Tots US Marines                  Mimi                                              Curfew Prod Dir. Madeline Clayton

Panera Bread "Clean Up"                 Sarah                                             Yonder Prod. Dir. Brian Neaman  

Let's Get Checked                              Thyroid Woman                           Bash Digital

Google Fiber                                       Katie                                              George Media

Petsafe "Poo-crastination"               Jenny                                             Chemistry South   

Cold-Eeze "Warm Milk"                     Midnite Woman                          Station Film Dir. Brendan Gibbons      

Jersey Mike's                                       Hannah                                         Tessa Hammer Prod. Dir. Sam Macon

Edible Arrangements                        Receptionist                                 Vayner Media Dir. Dante Crisafulli

NFL Anti-Counterfeiting PSA            Seahawks Fan                             Click 3X Dir. Manny Bernardez

Commercial & Industrials


Training & Workshops

Actors Theatre of Louisville Apprentice

Bachelor of Arts Double Degree in Drama & Communications from the University of Washington

Acting: (NY) Jeff Perry     (U of WA) Mark Jenkins, Robyn Hunt, Shanga Parker

Suzuki Viewpoints: Robyn Hunt, Steve Pearson, Will Bond                        Alexander Technique: Cathy Madden

Shakespeare: Amy Thone                Linklater: Timothy Douglass               Camera Acting: Tony Doupe              Voiceover: Gin Hammond

University of Hull in England: Ensemble Training, Creative Play, Voice, and Improvisation

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